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built a greenhouse back in 2004. I wish I'd photographed the gnarly salvage doors and windows before I cleaned them up; it's too late now that they actually look respectable. Because of cold weather, I painted all components in the kitchen before installation.

The site, partially cleared.

Arc de Triomphe.

Michelin woman checks level.

Attaching channel to a bow.

Nice frame.

Christo strikes again!

Zig-zagging film into channel.

Harder than it looks: joining the center seam.

Rolling 5 yards of fill.

After unrolling, I sewed all the floor seams together. (175 ft)

The table system, still pristine.

Every greenhouse needs a folly. (installed above the back door)

Half racks. Half tables. Half husband.

Next year, landscaping.

Finally, back to the plants.

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